Season Four- Day one (Island Day 91)

December 21, 2004

The large group that Rousseau and Jack had led to the radio tower from the beach camp leave the radio tower and head back toward the beach camp. Desmond returns from the Looking Glass via the kayak and joins the small "ambush" group at the beach. Desmond relates Charlies warning to the "ambush group" that the freighter is 'not Penny's boat'. The small "ambush" group from beach leave to warn Jack of Charlie's warning that the freighter is not Penny's. The returning radio tower group meets with the "ambush" group at the cockpit. This large combined group splinters into two, with Jack leading one back to the beach camp and Locke leading the other toward the Barracks.
Naomi is able to use satellite phone to locate island before succumbing to Locke’s knife wound in her back.
Hurley falls behind group headed to warn Jack and sees Jacobs cabin. Hurley looks inside, is frightened, runs away, and bumps into Locke. Together, Locke and Hurley meet the large group at the cockpit.
Faraday, Miles, and Charlotte parachute jump from a helicopter that Lapidus lands safely.
 Season 4- Day 91 , December 21, 2004

Screen Shots of the journeys using the map's color key.

Season Four- Day two (Island Day 92)

December 22, 2004

Locke’s group bypasses barracks to search for Jacob’s cabin, which they don’t find.

Locke’s group finds and holds Charlotte hostage. Locke's group then returns to the Barracks.

Jack, Kate, and Faraday locate Miles, who surprises them holds them at gunpoint because of Naomi's death. Miles forces Jack, Kate, and Faraday to Naomi's body until Miles realizes that Naomi was truly killed by Locke. Sayid and Juliet encounter this group and are able to withdraw his weapon. Jack, Kate, Faraday, Miles, Sayid, and Juliet move toward a flair signal that Lapidus’s sent. They locate Lapidus and his helicopter. Kate and Faraday retrieve Naomi’s body to helicopter site.

Juliet brings back Desmond from beach to explain why Naomi’s body held a picture of Desmond with Elizabeth.

Faraday conducts experiment at helicopter site that suggest there is a time differential of 31 minutes between freighter and island.

Miles, Kate, and Sayid go to barracks and trade Miles for Charlotte. Kate remains at barracks as Sayid returns with Charlotte.

Lapidus pilots Desmond, Sayid, and Naomi’s body to freighter. Jack, Juliet, Faraday, and Charlotte head back to beach.

Season four- Day 92, December 22, 2004

Screen Shots of the journeys using the map's color key.

Season Four- Day three (Island Day 93)

December 23, 2004

Barracks- Locke holds Ben captive in the basement of Locke’s house at the barracks. Miles is held captive and censored by Locke at the barracks boathouse. Kate and Sawyer trick Locke into allowing Miles to talk to Ben and and Kate.

Miles offers Ben a deal. If Ben pays him 3.2 million in one week, Ben will gain his freedom.

Miles tells Kate he is aware of her fugitive past.

Evening at the beach- Faraday’s memory is shown to be faulty.

The beach group uses a satellite phone to call Regina on the freighter. Regina informs them the helicopter has not arrived at the freighter, even though it left the island at dusk the previous day.

Season four- Day 93, December 23, 2004

Screen shots of Day 93 (no journeys, therefore no color key on photos)

Season Four- Day four (Island Day 94)

December 24, 2004

Barracks- Ben is gains his freedom from Locke after Ben shows Locke a videotape of Widmore.

Beach- Charlotte and Faraday secretly leave beach camp at night to disarm the Tempest.

Jack and Juliet attempt to track Charlotte and Faraday through jungle, while Jin and Sun search beach area.

As it begins to rain, Juliet hears whispers in the jungle and then sees Dr. Harper. Dr. Harper delivers the following message to Juliet from Ben-

‘Faraday and Lewis are headed to the Tempest to use poison gas on the island’.

Jack also sees Dr. Harper before she disappears, but had not heard her warning to Juliet. Juliet tells Jack the Tempest is an electrical station.

Season four- Day 94, December 24, 2004

Screen Shots of the journeys using the map's color key.

Season Four- Day five (Island Day 95)

December 25, 2004

Jungle- Kate, after being banished from the barracks, leaves the barracks for the beach and runs into Charlotte and Faraday in the jungle. Charlotte and Faraday are on their way to the Tempest. Charlotte knocks out Kate and continues to Tempest with Faraday.

Jack and Juliet come across an injured Kate and the group (Juliet travels alone to save time) arrive at the Tempest as Faraday and Charlotte render the poison gas inert. Everyone then returns to the beach site.

Season four- Day 95, December 25, 2004

Screen Shots of the journeys using the map's color key.

Season Four- Day six (Island Day 96)

December 26, 2004

Barracks- Locke brings everyone into his living room and explains the freighter situation, including telling them that his spy aboard the freighter is Michael.

Ben gives Alex, Rousseua, and Karl a map to the Temple (11/2 day travel).

Beach- Kate, Jack, Juliet, Charlotte, and Faraday return to beach from the Tempest. Sun wants to join Locke’s group and Kate provides her a map. Juliet prevents Suns leaving by telling Jin of Sun’s affair.

Season four- Day 96, December 26, 2004

Screen Shots of the journeys using the map's color key.

Season Four- Day seven (Island Day 97)

December 27, 2004

Barracks- Soon after Karl, Rousseua, and Alex leave barracks for the Temple, Karl and Rousseau are shot dead by Keamy and his group. Alex surrenders to Keamy, is taken hostage, and turns off the sonic barrier, secretly alerting Ben to the attacking mercenaries. Ben prepares his house for a siege as Claire’s house is destroyed with a rocket with her inside. Sawyer rescues Claire from the rubble of her house and takes her to the safety of Ben’s house. The balance of red shirts (unnamed extras) at the barracks are shot and killed by the mercenaries. Miles enter house with a walkie-talkie for Ben to communicate with Keamy. Keamy demands that Ben exit his house and surrender himself, or Keamy threatens to execute Alex. When Ben refuses, Keamy kill Alex.

Ben then enters a secret room in his house, seemingly able to summon the smoke monster. Keamy’s group retreats from the smoke monster. Locke, Ben, and Hurley travel into jungle. Claire, Miles, Sawyer, and Aaron separate from Locke and start for the beach.

Beach- Vincent finds the freighter’s doctor washed up on the beach in the morning, dead, with slit throat.

Jack’s appendix is about to rupture.

Faraday signals freighter using Morse Code- ‘What happened to the doctor’ – Response is ‘What are you talking about? The Doctor is fine.’

Season four- Day 97, December 27, 2004

Screen Shots of the journeys using the map's color key.

Helicopter flight not shown