Season Four- Day eight (Island Day 98)

December 28, 2004

Barracks- Keamy and his mercenaries retreat from the smoke monster to the freighter via the helicopter piloted by Lapidus.

Claire, Miles, and Sawyer head toward Beach after leaving the Barracks. Miles finds Rousseau and Karl's shallow grave. The group is surprised by Lapidus, who instruct them to hide in the bush from an angry Keamy. Keamy passes and the group continues toward the beach and makes camp for the night. Miles wakes in the night and sees Claire leave with Dr. Christian Shephard, whom she refers to as 'dad', leaving Aaron about 10 yards from camp site. Miles relates this to Sawyer when Sawyer awakes. Sawer and Miles search for Claire unsuccessfully.

Island- Locke, Hugo, and Ben search in vain throughout the day for Jacob's cabin. They make camp for the night. Locke has a dream telling him to search for the Dhama mass grave.

Beach- The beach camp needs medical supplies for Jack's operation. Jin, Sun, Faraday, Charlotte go to the Staff, obtain the necessary supplies, and return the beach site. Juliet successfully operates on Jack. Jin realizes the Charlotte speaks Korean and demands that the helicopter take Sun when it returns. Charlotte agrees.

Season four- Day 98, December 28, 2004

Screen Shots of the journeys using the map's color key.