Season Four- Day ten part four (Island Day 100)


December 30, 2004, part four

As Ben turns a large horizontal wheel, he comments ‘ I hope your happy now Jacob’. A loud whooshing sound accompanied by a blinding light engulfs the Island.

The island, the blazing freighter, and Faraday’s raft then disappears from the view of those in the helicopter.

The helicopter, losing fuel, jettisons a life raft and crash-lands into the open ocean. All passengers – Jack, Sun, Aaron, Sayid, Hugo, Kate, Desmond, and pilot Frank Lapidus- make it onto the life raft, although Jack has to revive Desmond.

As day turns to night, the group floats on the open ocean. At night, the Searcher rescues them, a boat owned by Desmond’s girlfriend Penny Whitmore.

Jack tells the group they must lie to protect the people they left on the island.

A week later, the group (known as the Oceanic Six) make it to civilization and are presented to the press, where they introduce their lie. It is not clear as to disposition of Desmond and Lapidus.