Season Four- Day ten part three (Island Day 100)

December 30, 2004, part three

Orchid – Ben and Locke enter the Orchid and travel below using an elevator. Keamy surprises them and Ben kills Keamy, activating a bomb aboard the freighter. Ben puts on a winter Parka and says goodbye to Locke. Ben tells Locke that ‘Richard and my people are waiting 2 miles east (south: see continuity error) of the Orchid’. Ben enters an underground vault alone. Locke travels south of the Orchid and meets the Others.
Faraday starts to ferry five more people toward the freighter.
Jack, Sawyer, Hurley make it back to the helicopter where Kate and Sayid are with Frank. They fly back to the freighter, but are losing gas from a punctured gas tank. The freighter is not visible as they jettison items. To save fuel, Sawyer jumps and swims back to the island. The freighter becomes visible again and they land, refuel, and take off adding Sun and Aaron before the freighter explodes. The freighter explodes and sinks with Michael and Jin aboard.
Beach – Sawyer and Juliet watch the smoke from the freighter explosion from the beach.

 Season four- Day 100 part three, December 30, 2004

Screen Shots of the journeys using the map's color key.