Season Four- Day ten part one (Island Day 100)

December 30, 2004, part one

Beach- Jack and Kate leave the beach site to follow the helicopter with the satellite phone dropped from the helicopter. They run into Sawyer, Miles, and Aaron, who are approaching the beach. Sawyer gives Aaron to Kate, who with Miles, returns to the beach. Sayer joins Jack and together they follow the helicopter using the satellite signal as Kate returns to beach with Aaron and Miles.

Sayid reaches beach from freighter using the freighter's zodiac raft. Sayid and Kate leave the beach site to track Jack and Sawyer.

Faraday uses the zodiac raft to ferry people to the freighter.

Jack and Sawyer reach the helicopter, and find Lapidus handcuffed to the helicopter. Lapidus tells them that Keamy will kill Ben and anyone with him. Hugo is with Ben. Jack and Sawyer leave helicopter site to rescue Hugo.

Kate and Sayid are surrounded by the ‘Others’ and conspire with them to free Ben.

Ben leads Hugo and Locke towards the Orchid. They stop at a box that contains a mirror. Ben uses the mirror to signal the ‘Others’ for help.

Keamy and his group surround the Orchid prior to Ben’s arrival.

Season four- Day 100 part one, December 30, 2004

Screen Shots of the journeys using the map's color key.