Season Four- Day ten part two (Island Day 100)

December 30, 2004, part two

Orchid - Ben, Locke, and Hugo arrive at the Orchid, but Keamy and his men are already there. Ben gives Locke instruction on how to enter the Orchid and then surrenders himself to Keamy, who leads him back to the helicopter site.
At the helicopter site, Kate runs out of the brush and claims that Ben’s people are chasing her. Gunfire erupts and a hand grenade explodes, giving Kate the cover she needs to escape with Ben. Keamy chases her and Ben, but Sayid knocks him down and a Richard Alpart shoots Keamy in the back. Kate and Sayid are allowed to leave the island for saving Ben. They return to the helicopter. Ben returns to the Orchid where he meets Jack and Sawyer, who just arrived at the Orchid. Locke tries to convince Jack to stay, but Jack, Sawyer, and Hugo leave for the helicopter. Ben tells Jack he should be off the island within the hour. Locke tells Jack that he will have to lie about the island to save the people left behind.
Beach- Faraday returns from the freighter to ferry the next group of survivors to the freighter. The freighter is now visible from the island’s coast.

Screen Shots of the journeys using the map's color key.