Season Four- Day seven (Island Day 97)

December 27, 2004

Barracks- Soon after Karl, Rousseua, and Alex leave barracks for the Temple, Karl and Rousseau are shot dead by Keamy and his group. Alex surrenders to Keamy, is taken hostage, and turns off the sonic barrier, secretly alerting Ben to the attacking mercenaries. Ben prepares his house for a siege as Claire’s house is destroyed with a rocket with her inside. Sawyer rescues Claire from the rubble of her house and takes her to the safety of Ben’s house. The balance of red shirts (unnamed extras) at the barracks are shot and killed by the mercenaries. Miles enter house with a walkie-talkie for Ben to communicate with Keamy. Keamy demands that Ben exit his house and surrender himself, or Keamy threatens to execute Alex. When Ben refuses, Keamy kill Alex.

Ben then enters a secret room in his house, seemingly able to summon the smoke monster. Keamy’s group retreats from the smoke monster. Locke, Ben, and Hurley travel into jungle. Claire, Miles, Sawyer, and Aaron separate from Locke and start for the beach.

Beach- Vincent finds the freighter’s doctor washed up on the beach in the morning, dead, with slit throat.

Jack’s appendix is about to rupture.

Faraday signals freighter using Morse Code- ‘What happened to the doctor’ – Response is ‘What are you talking about? The Doctor is fine.’

Season four- Day 97, December 27, 2004

Screen Shots of the journeys using the map's color key.

Helicopter flight not shown