Season Four- Day two (Island Day 92)

December 22, 2004

Locke’s group bypasses barracks to search for Jacob’s cabin, which they don’t find.

Locke’s group finds and holds Charlotte hostage. Locke's group then returns to the Barracks.

Jack, Kate, and Faraday locate Miles, who surprises them holds them at gunpoint because of Naomi's death. Miles forces Jack, Kate, and Faraday to Naomi's body until Miles realizes that Naomi was truly killed by Locke. Sayid and Juliet encounter this group and are able to withdraw his weapon. Jack, Kate, Faraday, Miles, Sayid, and Juliet move toward a flair signal that Lapidus’s sent. They locate Lapidus and his helicopter. Kate and Faraday retrieve Naomi’s body to helicopter site.

Juliet brings back Desmond from beach to explain why Naomi’s body held a picture of Desmond with Elizabeth.

Faraday conducts experiment at helicopter site that suggest there is a time differential of 31 minutes between freighter and island.

Miles, Kate, and Sayid go to barracks and trade Miles for Charlotte. Kate remains at barracks as Sayid returns with Charlotte.

Lapidus pilots Desmond, Sayid, and Naomi’s body to freighter. Jack, Juliet, Faraday, and Charlotte head back to beach.

Season four- Day 92, December 22, 2004

Screen Shots of the journeys using the map's color key.