Season Four- Day three (Island Day 93)

December 23, 2004

Barracks- Locke holds Ben captive in the basement of Locke’s house at the barracks. Miles is held captive and censored by Locke at the barracks boathouse. Kate and Sawyer trick Locke into allowing Miles to talk to Ben and and Kate.

Miles offers Ben a deal. If Ben pays him 3.2 million in one week, Ben will gain his freedom.

Miles tells Kate he is aware of her fugitive past.

Evening at the beach- Faraday’s memory is shown to be faulty.

The beach group uses a satellite phone to call Regina on the freighter. Regina informs them the helicopter has not arrived at the freighter, even though it left the island at dusk the previous day.

Season four- Day 93, December 23, 2004

Screen shots of Day 93 (no journeys, therefore no color key on photos)